Ready to Dazzle Without the Fuss? Time for a Makeover with Farnaz! Farnaz Permanent Make Up
The Ultimate Time-Saver for Today’s Busy Women

Never Have To Rush or Retouch Your Makeup Again

Want to ditch your morning makeup marathon and still step out looking like a million bucks? Whether you're an early bird, a gym-goer, or someone who simply cherishes the allure of makeup without the daily hustle – Permanent Makeup is your ultimate beauty hack!

At Farnaz's Beauty Studio, your beauty wish is our command. Forget the struggles of nailing the flawless winged eyeliner or the endless lipstick touch-ups! Our premium permanent makeup services ensure that smudged eyeliner and uneven blush are worries of the past. Welcome effortless mornings, zero rushed makeup rituals, no mid-day touch-ups, and freedom from harsh products. Embrace a naturally polished look that is uniquely yours.

So why not gift yourself the ease, confidence, and beauty that come with Permanent Makeup? It's an investment in yourself that you deserve.


Your One-Stop Destination for that Always-On-Point Look


Thinning hair? Our Scalp Micropigmentation uses tiny dots to create a shadow illusion, resulting in fuller, youthful hair. Say hello to renewed confidence!


Old permanent makeup, not your style anymore? Our PMU Removal service safely and effectively fades or removes old ink. Embrace your evolving style!


Want tinted, plumper lips without constant reapplication? Lip Blush enhances your lips with subtle color, adding volume and youth. Pout perfection achieved!


Sparse or unruly eyebrows? Our Brow Effect service, including microblading and shading, creates defined eyebrows that frame your face beautifully.

Turn Heads with Our

Bespoke Hair and Nail Services

Elevate your beauty game with Farnaz's Beauty Studio. Book your appointment today and let your hair and nails do the talking!


Get That Stunning Hair Makeover with Our Hair Services from the Best Hair Stylers

Looking for a chic haircut or super smooth hair? At Farnaz's Beauty Studio, our hair experts focus on giving your hair the love it deserves. Explore custom haircuts, exciting colors, and rejuvenating treatments that breathe new life into every strand.

Flaunt Finesse at Your Fingertips with Our Expert Nail Services

Love attention-grabbing nails? Farnaz’s Beauty Studio is where you need to be for all things nails. From classic manicures to creative designs, our specialists make sure your nails are more than just nails – they’re your style statement.


Simplify Your Beauty Routine and Simply Be Beautiful

Worry no more about your look being "overdone." We’re talking makeup that’s just the right amount of fabulous – not too over the top, but enough to make you feel like the queen you are. And the best part? Farnaz and her team are pros at listening to what YOU want. Soft and natural, bold and fierce, or anything in between - we’ve got your back. What about safety, you asked? It’s our number one priority. Farnaz, our top beauty pro, knows her stuff and makes sure you get amazing results without any worries.
Say goodbye to the daily makeup hassle. Schedule an appointment with Farnaz, and embrace a simplified and personalized beauty routine that have you looking fabulous every single day.

Fancy a Career in Beauty?

Train with Farnaz!

PMU & SMP Training

Want to blast off into the glam world of permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation? Farnaz's PMU & SMP Training Program is your launchpad. We'll arm you with the know-how, skills, and techniques you'll need to soar in the beauty industry today. Join Farnaz and our crew of beauty mavens for an enriching learning journey.

  • Award-Winning
  • Certified
  • Licensed and Trained

Get Event-Ready with Farnaz’s Professional Makeup Services!

Got a special event coming up? Maybe a wedding, a big party, or even a romantic date? Whatever the occasion, we know you want to look your absolute best. And guess what? Farnaz’s Professional Makeup Services is here to make it happen!

Our talented makeup artists specialize in creating stunning looks for ALL kinds of events:

Daily Makeup

Daily Makeup

Glide down the aisle exuding a bridal radiance that captures hearts.

Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Picture-perfect makeup for that photoshoot you’ve been excited about.

Event Makeup

Event Makeup

Unleash your inner artist with a makeup style that breaks the mold.

Creative Makeup

Creative Makeup

Steal the spotlight at any event with a tailored makeup look that turns heads.

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